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Convertible Black with Antique Brass OR Sliver hardware with textured black accents shoulder holster bag

Convertible Black Shoulder Holster

  • Carry everything with ease! Options, like having three bags in one!

    It features black leather with textured black accents and either antique brass or silver hardware- you choose.

    This holster has options..... Both side pockets detach from their harness and can be snapped to your belt, boot, just about anywhere!

    Both side pockets feature a two zippered pockets, one measuring 5 x 3" in the front, and the back one measuring 6 x 4".
    Front of pocket flap has distressed antiqued leather accent.
    Shoulder straps adjust in both the back and the front.

    Perfect for travel or festivals, great for bikers!

      Intergalactic Hobo

Asheville, NC

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