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Convertible Black and Antique Brass Utility Belt Bag 

Convertible Black and Antique Brass Utility Belt B

  • Options options! You know I love options....Because you never want to carry more of a load than you need!

    This bag can be worn all sorts of ways...All together, where the deep pockets fold flat or expand for maximum capacity, or you can remove the side pockets. The side pockets can be used all on their own, and you are also left with a stylish belt bag.

    The two removable side pockets snap onto the belt bag, or can snap onto your own belt and clothing. They measure aprox. 4.5 x 6+" and expand to about 3" deep. Plenty of carrying room for a small pouch!

    The main utility belt bag has a zipping main pocket aprox. 9 x 4" that expands to about 3" deep. Behind this is a hidden zippered pocket, handy for passports and cash.

    On the sides are O-rings, handy for clipping all sorts of things. Also feature a snap hook on one side, and additional O-rings for all the extra things you might need to attach.

    Adjusts from 30-45"

    It's like having 3 bags in one!

      Intergalactic Hobo

Asheville, NC

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